Picture from Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, Home of Acutonics® 


Picture used by permission of
Kairos Institute of Sound Healing
Jan Jones, PhD
Certified Acutonics
® Practitioner
Reiki Master

                  Acutonics, A Sound Modality of Energy Medicine

 "All nature sings and 'round me rings the Music of the Spheres"

                 Welcome to the
®Healing System


The Acutonics® Healing System uses vibration to realign the energetic body with the Music of the Spheres. The same vibration/energetic power that holds the planets in orbit, holds the organs of our bodies in balance.  The Acutonics® tuning forks are calibrated to the frequencies of the planetary orbits.  When these precise instruments are applied to traditional acupuncture points they attune the correlating organ, meridian or emotional pattern to their celestial counterpart and invite the system back into its core resonance.

Being aligned with your core resonance offers you the opportunity to let go of old energetic patterns, to raise consciousness and embrace new possibilities.

I invite you to experience this transformational work.


Acutonics® is a registered trademark of the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, LLC   

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